17 July 2008

back to biz...

I'm back from my little trip up north. Looking toward a couple of busy weeks with the upcoming Gilroy Garlic Festival where I will work in my family's booth. I had a nice visit with my friend Linda and played with her doggie, Angie, who I LOVE more than any doggie I know. Han was very good and enjoyed being spoiled and swimming and playing with said doggie.

I retrieved my emails while I was up there and learned that the LolliShops blog is UP!! One small step in the big adventure that is soon to be LolliShops. I am having so much fun working on all the sweet goodness that is going on there. Also, Sadie told me that I am to be the "official designer of LolliShops" with my own shop to offer yummy blog make overs and business cards and stickers, etc. Pretty exciting stuff.

I am so pleased that I have managed to get nearly completely caught up in my work queue. I really want/need some time to focus on some business related stuff for myself and for MrDoodle. We want to move and revamp our site and start all fresh and organized in September. Well, that's my goal. Brian may be shaking his head at that kind of deadline but a girl can be hopeful.

Overall, I have been feeling pretty well. I think that my new medication has been helping and I feel more focused and productive which is quite refreshing. I was in a terrible rut there for awhile which caused me to get behind on everything so I feel pretty dang proud of myself for catching that I was getting into that slump and doing something about it. I hope that it continues and I can get into a good, healthy routine. Oh, speaking of healthy. My girlfriend called me to today to tell me that our swimming class was canceled tonight because someone broke in and dumped motor oil in the pool!! How crappy is that?! I am so mad, I can't believe it. Now tons of kids (and I) can't swim or have lessons until they can get everything all cleaned up. Grrrr.

Ok, I'm off. I feel rambling coming on...


  1. karin@creativechaos7/18/08, 8:39 AM

    Yay for you!!! Glad to hear you're feeling better chica!!! Nothing feels better than being all caught up...ok, off to check out Lollishop! Talk to you soon!!! K

  2. karin@creativechaos7/18/08, 8:48 AM

    I'm back....I want to put the Lollishop badge on my blog....And I swear I was going to do it all myself....but I can't find the code on there...help!

  3. I'm happy you are feeling better!

  4. Karin, I'm sure Heather already told you this but the blog code is on LolliShops' home page. It's all right there

    Heather, I NEED that cute bunny button for the LolliShops blog!
    I miss our chats!
    Let's get back on track on Monday!

  5. I hope I can see you at the Garlic Festival. I'm going to try and get out there. I have a poster entry (a collage) that made the finals so it will be on display for the people's choice award voting. Also, glad you're feeling better! I've had to get out of a rut myself. Hugs to you, Stacey