12 June 2008


I am not sure if I am coming or going these days. Business has picked up and I am booked into July or possibly beyond. It was strange that as soon as June reared its head my email has been full of folks wanting bids for design work and web sites. I feel guilty about feeling stressed and even a bit resentful of some of the work coming in. I am at a tipping point where I really WANT to build my business but I had hoped to hold off on going great guns until September when the little goes off to kindergarten and I have much more uninterrupted time to work. Currently I am struggling to balance summer fun, motherhood and my work load. I am confident I will find the right balance soon though although unfortunately it is probably going to involve a waiting list ;)

Anyway, I have been kind of lost in my head, too much thinking, feeling confused, sad, stressed, directionless (is that a word?) and paralyzed in my art. I have been working on design stuff but when it comes to paper and glue and paint.. nada, nil, zippo, bupkus... I have been seriously in need of inspiration and even in resorting to my old tricks of cruising blogs and leafing through art books and magazines I am not getting that spark.

Since I have been so creatively lost, I figured it was time for a little switch in materials. I dug out my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago in the excitement of receiving my ArtFiberFest registration packet and started sewing but it pissed me off for the last time with its tension issues so I bought myself a new one. Of course the next day my iron died. LOL Hannah picked out a new pink one for me.. we are all very happy. Anyway, because I had no plan as to what to make, I started sewing scraps together in log cabin fashion. Of course I discovered this too late to participate but I started sewing log cabin squares with scraps I have around. I am up to 34 blocks! I have lots of ideas for what to do with them but I also really want to make a quilt for Hannah since I never made a baby quilt for her. I am kind of scared and unsure how to proceed on that task. I mean obviously I have squares but no idea how to really proceed from here... research is necessary! So, I have a ton of strips and scraps and I'd love to do a swap with someone(s) so if anyone has some fabric they want to swap, drop me a line.

Ok, I guess that is enough rambling for now. Thanks for putting up with it.. see ya soon! I am hoping to hook up with my pal Karin tomorrow.. keep your fingers crossed!


  1. holly abston6/12/08, 10:46 PM

    Your quilt blocks rock. How cool that you're going to make a quilt for H!

  2. hey cutie - the squares look awesome - love the bright colors!!

    So you're going to Artfest - have you been before?
    what's it like.

    keep in touch

  3. These are awesome! I love the lively colors. Makes me want to do something with fabric. I think I'll go scour ebay for more vintage fabric. Thanks for the reminder:)

  4. These are fantastic squares! I wish I want desperately to start sewing quilts. I'm loving my great-grandma's and want to create something of my own.

    I just stopped by your blog through Hannah Grey, I think. That's the best "shop". I'll definitely visit again!

  5. Wow! Those quilt squares are fantastic!! :D The colors are great... So fun!

    I wish I had a quilt like that ;D

  6. Hey Heather, I have been a quilter for 17 years and taught as well. If you need some guidance, just holler.

  7. You did just find making your neice's quilt. Hannah's will probably be even more fabulous. And, congrats on sewing straight lines. You always said that was your weak point with sewing. I'd say you have conquered that problem.

  8. Very cool quilt blocks! I wish I could sew well enough to make soemthing like that! And I have some fabric that I don't need anymore that I'd be happy to send or swap with you.