06 April 2008

Magazine Mania!!

I have FINALLY tackled the magazine pile(s). My bedside table (2 tiered) is TOTALLY cleared. I have decided to part with the majority of my Stampington publications because I NEVER go back and reread them and I think the freedom of them being gone, no piles and less clutter will feel way better than "look how many Somersets I have". I have kept the ones I am published in and a few newer ones because I am not quite done looking at them..
Anyway, I have listed (still listing) on eBay, a variety of Stampington publications including premiere issues to ADQ and Haute Handbags, some early issues of Somerset Studio and more. if you are interested in any of them you can check out my goods >HERE<.

* A portion of all my sales will be donated to Bernie Berlin's "A Place to Bark" thru eBay's MissionFish.


  1. Wow! You can let go of magazines? I'm a bit envious - I hold on to mine f-o-r-e-v-e-r (but I also go back to them and pour over them and see things that I missed). I'm watching your ebay listings! Will you ship to Canada?

  2. A good clear out is refreshing isnt it?!

  3. I hope I win the bid on the workshop book! I missed that one!
    I don't know how you can let them go...I love all mine!

  4. Heather- Just wanted to let you know that the first email I sent you was returned, so I sent you a link & password again- give me a holler if you don't get it and we'll figure something else out!

  5. I can't believe your getting rid of them. I'm building a new wing on to my house for the Stampington Library! :)

  6. I suppose I missed your magazines. Did they all sell?
    From one hoarder to another, some things are just too sacred. ;)

    I'm going though the paralysis you speak of for months. No, years...but I've gotten rid of some things, mostly I needed to organize the mess. Hubby is good at the big tasks which stop me in my tracks. He puts things in boxes then I go though the boxes. It takes time, as it took time to collect all the stuff.

    Be easy on yourself. All creative souls do this.