17 April 2008

Little Things

Little Things
Hey all, been busy here in CA. We have experienced all sort of weather in the last week or so from freezing temps at night to the mid 90's during the day. Its been weird to use both the heater and AC in the same week. These temperatures mean that spring is here and with it pollen! My allergies have been at an all time annoying high so there has been lots of sneezing, water eyes, etc. I am eager for this to calm down.

Despite the allergies I have been very busy with design work, school stuff, journaling and the big home purging project. As we speak, my last batch of magazines is for sale on eBay ending tomorrow. Most of the last batch have been mailed. There is a large box of items from the china cabinet and cup/glass/mug cabinet ready to go to the thrift store along with a box of misc magazines and books. The two BIG projects that I have been procrastinating on are my closet/ dresser and Hannah's room. They just seem SO big but I will probably get to them fairly soon. All in all I am really pleased with my clearing out progress and it feels GOOD!! Yay me!

My other big project as of late is the Art Journaling Without Fear group on Flickr. Its going well and also a lot of fun. I have found it has really kept my creative juices flowing so that when I sit down to work on a project or assignment, I don't have that warming up period or the battle to get my muse going. I just sent off my "Celebrate" banner to Michelle for Tamy's swap. It was fun and I loved how easily it all flowed.

I also signed up for Karla & Beth's Bluebirds & Bonnets swap and I am proud to say that I have ALREADY started and sign ups are not even closed yet! I think they close tomorrow though, so if you want to play you better hustle over to one of their blogs. I think they came up with a clever project and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone does.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am going to try to get some pictures of some new pretties I have gotten lately and share them here soon.


  1. Heather you have been so, so busy. Starting on your swap goodies before everyone is even signed up.
    Love your journal

  2. so lovely!! that banner rocks!!!

  3. Pretty....I love the banner!

  4. You must be OOWS too.(officially obsessed with Swaps). Thank you for letting us know about the birds and bonnets swap. I got over there just in time today! I love that we will be getting 4 different artist's work. I already have a spot cleared for the finished screen :)

  5. Hi Heather!!!

    Yes, the little things are WONDERFUL!

    Speaking of which! Did you see 17 new themes of swaps in the charms2007 yahoo group!!!
    LOL *17* more reasons to LOVE little things!!!
    **&** I posted a little something to my etsy shop.
    More to come!
    How have you been?


  6. That first page makes me happy!

  7. I love your journal page- what a great idea- everybody should remember the "little things" every so often