08 February 2008

pretty pink and Good Stuff

Sorry I missed last Friday's Good Stuff installment. I was excited about my visit with Linda and forgot all about it. Anyway, I think this week's choice was worth the wait. I have had it in my Etsy favorites for a long time. I am pleased to present the shop "She Rides the Lion" which features the original hand cut lino prints from artist Sonia Romero. I have alwasy loved the look of lino and block prints so when I first spied the beautiful work of Sonia, I was entranced. This bunny piece on the left is one of my personal favorites since I have a fondness for bunny images. She also has an entire set of individual and sampler alphabet images, milagros and more including this fun Valentine. I'd love to have an entire collection of her work, but unfortunately wall space is at a premium in my home. :( I hope you will check out the selection of works Sonia has available, they are worth the visit!

Now onto a couple of pink things to share. When I got back from my weekend away on Sunday, I found a package from Lori at the FaerieWindow. I wasn't expecting anything from her so I was intrigued as I opened it and then delighted as I unwrapped one of her adorable bunny boxes. She sent it as a Thank You and just because she remembered how supportive I was when she first started blogging. Not that that was hard at all. Lori is so sweet and talented and I was very happy to swap blog links with her and lend soem support through the technical part.Thank you very much Lori. I LOVE this!! Besides, Glitter = Good in my book!
Also, here is the layout I promised in Kristen's Vintage Valentine Round Robin book. I got Lilia's last night and am eager to work on it this weekend. Only one more book to go after Lilia's and we are through. I can't believe how smoothly this whole RR has been. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!


  1. good stuff! I am brainstorming for your book today!

  2. glitter is good!!! glad you like your bunny:)
    that etsy shop looks amazing!!! i had never seen it before, so thanks for sharing this work!!!
    and your valentine layout looks so sweet!!!

  3. I agree! glitter = GOOD!
    I also agree that the Valentines RR has been balm for my creative soul! I only wish we could have been in the same group! Oh well...next time! :-) Happy V-Day!