11 February 2008


Ack, Friday night I hit the wall. I am SO SICK! I basically laid around most of Saturday in my bedroom. No computer, no projects. Just my book, the blankets an occasional cat and the TV. I can't remember feeling this bad for a couple of years at least. Yesterday G & H went to visit G's brother so they were gone for several hours leaving me in a quiet house. While I was not feeling much better, coughing, fever, etc.. I did manage to drag myself to get a Starbuck's mocha and then came back and watched cheesy movies and HGTV. I had my computer on much of the afternoon and spent it chatting with my friend Sharon in WA who was also homebound after a late night partying. We worked on Blythe sewing projects, discussed some projects and just chatted about things. It was kind of nice to have some quiet time to myself.

This morning I am catching up on Preschool stuff and working to try to get my One World, One Heart give away finished. Eep. I need to get it posted by tomorrow to be on the "big list". If you have not checked it out.. go see. There are over 300 give aways scheduled!! Check back later or tomorrow morning to see my give away. I am almost done!!! Cheers!!


  1. I love this tag!!! So cute! Great use of crepe paper!!! Tra-La-La, it makes me sing!

  2. That is so cute! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. i too have the crud! no fever, though, but all my joints are sore. my son has had a fever for a few days and looks awful!