03 January 2008

Easter Swap Info...

Hey Everyone..
I have been working on the list for the Easter Swap so I don't get too behind after the deadline of Jan 7th (4 more days!) If you have signed up but have not sent me your mailing info please so ASAP so I can add you. If you do not have your contact info by the deadline I will be forced to drop you from my list. I may cut it off early depending on how many more people join because it is getting kind of overwhelming. Anyway, if you need to email me and can't find my info click here. For future updates and info on this swap, please visit the 12-Days blog because that is where I will be posting all further info. ( I will be updating the banner soon!)

Happy Hopping!!!
UPDATE: I have had to close the swap early due to overwhelming response. Check the other blog for details.


  1. Hi darling,just passing threw to say hello,hope y'all had great holidays.

  2. Hi Heather, I can't download your swap rules on pdf. Could you provide me with some info. on it?

    Thanks so much!

  3. Hey good luck with your Easter Swap (are you nuts hosting a swap ? laughing-- just thinking how much work that was !)

    Love your new photo in the sidebar / profile.

    I wanted to stop by to say thank you so much for sending the Christmas card. It came out great - your wonderful photoshop skills at work ! What a nice family photo.

    Happy HAPPY New Year.
    Love, S.

  4. Ooops...just saw it's full! Bummer! Maybe next time! :)hugs, cheryl

  5. karin (creativechaos)1/9/08, 9:56 AM

    Yay!! So looking forward to it!

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