19 December 2007

feeling like the worst parent (santa) on the planet...

Today was my big shopping day with Shosh. I have been really good about sticking to my Buy Handmade pledge; shopping Etsy and other blog friends and also making gifts BUT there were just a few things I needed to buy from the big stores. So today I set out to search for the SINGLE thing the little has been asking for consistently for months... this thingie by Conair that lets you apply temporary color streaks to your hair. What do I find? Its sold out.. EVERYWHERE.. even on Conair's site. My only options are to A. spend a ton to get one off eBay and HOPE it makes it buy Xmas or B. try to explain why "Santa" didn't deliver. I had no idea this would be so popular or hard to find or I would have ordered one ages ago. I feel like a heel to go on top of the cruddy self I have been feeling like in general. To add insult to injury, the doll house I WANTED to get her seems to be out of stock all over too. I haven't completely given up hope on that though because there are other options and I still have a couple Target's I can try or brave a Toys R Us. (argh) Anyway, I will persevere on the gift front.

On a side note, I have not been posting my 12 days gifts here but over at the 12-Days blog. I will do another update tomorrow.

UPDATE: Grampa saves the day! He managed to find the doll house at a Target by his house and it is in his car as we speak! I am fearing not much luck for the other gizmo but she will have gift cards to use after Xmas so hat might have to wait. Hopefully her new goodies from Build A Bear will distract her.


  1. Hi Heather! I can't sleep so I am blog hopping. You poor dear! I know exactly how you feel about not being able to find those things for H. Believe me, I have been there...What a bummer! Maybe you'll still have luck with the doll house. You have me intrigued by the Conair thing. Good luck to you!

  2. Oh noooooo!!! What a pain! oh and to brave a Toys R Us, boy you are brave, I'm wishing you much luck! I haven't heard of this hair streaking thing, I guess if I had a girl I would know. LOL! I have a feeling you're going to go down the expensive eBay route.... keep us posted on your progress!

    I was lucky this year, he asked Santa for "a big box of small working trucks" ( no kidding, his words exactly). PHEW, easy peasy, I cleared Kmart out of "small working trucks". Now to find the big box. Oh and need to get my son off the naughty list first!

  3. Oh dear. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to have to find these hard items when you have kids. I wish you luck my friend - maybe Santa can deliver one a bit after Christmas?

  4. So glad the doll house was found.
    I know the hair thingy is super cool but if it's the color she's after, would these work? Streekers We have a bunch of colors and they are super easy to use. The blue and the pink look really good on wee blondes.
    Happy Christmas!

  5. I am sure your love and attention are worth more than any "thingamajig" I waited to long and had to order my daughter's Santa gift on Ebay and pay more than I wanted to. We all get busy...so you are not alone.

  6. There's this stuff called "Girl Crush Streak and Style" that sounds similar to the Conair thing. My nephew wanted it. Have a look. It's available at Target. You can see it online http://www.target.com/Girl-Crush-Streak-N-Style/dp/B000UZJETS/sr=1-4/qid=1198259559/ref=sr_1_4/601-8130870-0735327?ie=UTF8&rh=k%3Agirl%20crush&page=1

  7. listen you can wrap up a cut out of the things you wanted to give with a letter from "Santa" explaining the delay of an After Christmas Delivery.

    Good Luck with this.Believe me, it won't taint the day at all for her or you !

    Much Love and Merry MERRY Christmas.

  8. Shopping can be so stressful sometimes but having been in your shoes (long ago) I can tell you all will work out and the smiles on Christmas morning help you see the stress was worth it and funny thing is the stress is soon forgotten in all the fun!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have enjoyed your blog tremendously this past year!!