12 November 2007

a loooong day & a winner!

Wow, today turned into a long day. We headed up to the BIL's so hubby could help him work on the new deck with a couple of buddies. The wee one and my niece have both been really sick over the last week so my SIL and I decided to take them to Build A Bear for a treat. We were there and had fun despite the long line. After we left we took them to ride on those quarter rides. I didn't realize there was a step/ ramp up. I totally fell, wrenched my shoulder, hit my knee and hit my chin on the carousel. Talk about embarrassing but also painful.
After we went back to BIL's and I ended up helping the guys put in the deck, drilling holes and driving in screws. It was fun but made me feel OLD. I am so sore from the fall and being on my hands and knees. Man I am not even 40 yet.. give me a break!
Ugh, anyway, we got home much later than I expected and I know I was supposed to announce the winner of my drawing. I had Holly, "draw" my winner by picking a number between 1- 43, all the comments on my post for that day and she picked 11... so CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet friend Thien-Kim! I *know* Kim from my beading group.. we've known each other for years and since she is a crafty sort I offered her the choice between a kit or the finished banner. I still have a couple of kits left in my Etsy shop.
Anyway, thats about it for tonight. Big news tomorrow.. so check back!!
Oh, one more thing.. we have a new addition to our family...
This is Emma, who was a much discussed reward for our little's successful "completion" to potty training. After we had the "weekend of tough love" she has been doing great and we rewarded her by allowing her to get Emma. At first I thought Greg was just kind of tolerating the idea but he LOVES her and they seem to be bonding well. Emma has only been here a couple of days but she seems to be acclimating pretty well considering we also have 2 kitties and a dog. She has a cage to sleep in and a "playpen" for running around in during the day, and if we have nice weather she can even go outside on the lawn.
Ok, so that's really all the news for today. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. yay for potty training! we had guineas a a kid- I remember the little sounds they made were so sweet!

  2. she's so cuuuuuute!!!


  3. Awwww, Emma is a beauty, what a great reward!

  4. Congrats on the potty training! I wish Sophia was ready. Thanks for the kit! I'm so excited. Emma looks like a sweetie.

  5. karin (creativechaos)11/13/07, 1:35 PM

    Round of applause on the potty training. I was supposed to work on that today....but got sidetracked. Ouch on the fall. Yeah your not even 40 yet...just you WAIT until your 40....you can ask my aching back and neck and knees and everything else about it!!

  6. Wow! What a cute guinea pig! I love them! I have two of them - girl named Bazylia, and boy named Filip :) So, greetings from Poland from polish guinea pig to your guinea :)))