09 November 2007

3rd time is charming

Whew, my third post today!!

Holly has been encouraging me to start listing the stuff I have stashed around this place so today I FINALLY listed a few "Flea Market Friday" items in my Etsy shop. I don't have a lot listed today because I was busy listing all those kits ( there are still a few left) but I plan to try to list at least a few things each week to try and clear this place out a but. The clutter, small space and severe lack of storage are starting to heavily weigh on me. My cleaning out can be your gain as I clear out the studio slowly but surely!!

* picture by Holly


  1. i stopped over to check it out...LOVE the beads and that sweet egg!!!

  2. Wow...now isn't this a good idea. I need to do something like this myself before I find myself buried alive!

  3. I want all those rhinestone pretties!!

  4. gimme some of that bling, girl!!