06 November 2007

Holiday cheer

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.
What Holiday Food Are You?

Even though I have always had this "rule" about not setting up Christmas items, listening to holiday music or otherwise jumping the gun on Christmas (aside from early shopping), this year it has been hard to contain the Christmas excitement. Upon introspection that might not be a bad thing since it probably means I an getting over the years of retail I spent slaving away from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve just to collapse into bed and want to sleep for a week. But I digress. Everywhere I look in blogland these days I am seeing delightful holiday projects dusted with with glitter and adorned with tinsel. Lots of folks are gearing up for Silver Bella and there are numerous holiday themed swaps going on. Its been so hard to resist these swaps as they are so tempting but I vowed no more swaps until next year. Yes, I did have one moment of weakness when I slipped and signed up for my new pal Donna's Holiday Tree Topper swap but I figure that is pretty simple.

When I blogged about my Joli Paquet kit on the JP blog I mentioned that when Cerri asked me to create a kit it didn't even really cross my mind to do a holiday themed one. I created my first kit and then discovered I was the only member of Joli Paquet NOT doing a holiday themed kit. Eeeep! So I spent the last couple of days assembling my second kit which IS in fact holiday themed.
Joli Paquet kit 2

I dug into my stash of vintage, honeycomb bells to make up these kits for pretty holiday decorations. These and so many other fabulous kits will be available on FRIDAY! All the details on where to get them will be posted on the Joli Paquet blog.


  1. Well PICKLES!!! Do you know I just went through a box and threw some perfectly hunter green honeycomb bells away that were FROM MY WEDDING!! This would have been a cute project for the boys!! ah pooh.

  2. Can't wait for the big sale this Friday! I took the holiday food quiz and am eggnog!

  3. Maybe this year I'll dig out my Mom and Dad's crepe paper streamers from circa 1954 – red one side, green the other and still in excellent shape.

  4. Ahhhh Michelle's banner is to die for!! LOVE it!!

    And ohhh my gosh that center pink/silver bell has me drooooling!!!

    I am playing catch up in blogland...and ohhh you soo brought the eye candy!! thank you!

    xoxo Jenny