07 November 2007

100 for 100

In celebration of the release of my new customizable holiday cards, I have decided to offer a special on note flat style. Order between now and November 15th (my birthday!) and get 100 cards WITH envelopes for just $100! (not including shipping) These are beautiful, two sided cards, fully customized with your photo and greeting. Email me for more information.

I have been spending a lot of time at the computer over the last week trying to catch up and make a little bit of money to pay vet bills. argh. Sweet doggie Ginger is probably recuperating from surgery as we speak. I need to call in about 45 minutes to see if she can come home. She had to have a tumor removed from her leg, her teeth cleaned and stuff ( eew) and her claws clipped because she is old and can't keep them worn down as much. I won't clip them anymore because I inevitably cut too deep and I can't stand the feeling that I might have hurt her. Our sweet girl is about 13 years old and thankfully the doctor says she is in great shape for such an old doggie from rough beginnings. She was abused as a pup and we adopted her as an adult. She is just the sweetest thing now. Anyway, I got a bit off topic there.

I just completed a new blog banner and business card design for the talented mosaic artist Michelle Legler. You may recognize her by her fabulous mosaic cupcakes! I had a lot of fun doing a 'mosaic' design for her since her taste is so similar to my own. She didn't have any changes to colors or designs...
Also, I got to do another calling card design. They are so fun. This one is for sweet Kim at ArtDog'sLife. I wasn't sure about the design because she was a little ambiguous in her description of what she wanted but I guess I know her well enough that she loved it. I got to use a lot of my vintage buttons and ephemera and the doggie in the locket is Kim's sweet dog Chance Marie who is the queen of their kingdom. Speaking of doggies, I better go pick up mine.


  1. Wow I just love the one you did for Michelle!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Heather, I just love what you came up with for Michelle!!! Did you know I recommended you to her? Yay me!!!

  3. First of all, get well wishes to sweet Ginger!!! What a sweetheart!!!!

    Your new banner/calling card is fab!!!

    and Kim's new calling card is the best!!!!! I know she is totally excited about as we exchanged emails about it too!! Hopefully a ton of people can get calling cards made and we can all exchange them!!!! Can't wait until mine come!!!!!

    love you

  4. Aw, I hope sweet Ginger is recuperating quietly at home now. Love your new banner and Michelle's is gorgeous too!

  5. Beautiful! I have lots of things for you to work on for me after the holiday rush!

  6. What beautiful work! Wonderful, pretty blog! :) chris

  7. Omgoodness, Heather, I love the bell decorations! You are sooo very brilliant!