02 October 2007


WANTED: I am looking for a guest columnist to review "In This House" for the upcoming issue of Portals Zine. You must own the book (or check it out from your library) and be able to provide a well written review to fill one page. If you are interested, please email me: heather@portals-zine.com. The columnist will receive a complimentary issue of Portals v 6.


PS There is a giveaway in the next post down...

(Update: I have 2 guest reviewers for this issue. Thank you!)


  1. WOW- I didn't know about this book! I book two house books to make for my kids- still sitting in the bags...

  2. well, i'm no writer, so you don't want me...i DO have this book on my amazon wish list! my VERY long amazon wish list!

  3. off the subject of this post, but I Love the new blog banner you did for Yapping Cat....It is adorable!!