01 October 2007

favorite things...

Hey all, I am back amongst the semi living. Today my head is less stuffy but the bad news is it is moving down to my lungs which is bad. If you have been tuned in since last year you might remember that I had a semi serious lung infection last November. My doctor has had concerns with my bronchial health since then as I have also been known to suffer bouts of asthma. Anyway, I guess you can see where this is going.. chest cold = not good. I'm hanging in there though and will keep ya'll posted.

On a GOOD note though.. today I found out that my little space here in blog land was chosen as Scrapbooking.com's "Blog of the Week"! Woot woot for me!! I have my friend Debbie to thank for that. Thanks for passing my name along sweetie. Its kind of fun to be a featured blog. Inspired by this honor, I figured I'd better do a new scrapbook layout since it IS a scrappy site... so I played with my dad's camera ( I am SO not giving it back) and some of my FAVORITE things and well, here ya go:

I think I am a touch behind in a few other areas of my blogging too. Here is a banner I finished up for sweet gal Kim who wanted to jazz up her blog for Halloween.
Halloween banner
I had so much fun doing it and working outside my usual style and palette and I am actually playing with a few other Halloweenie designs that I might be able to offer up for adoption if I can finish them up SOON!

Also, I bet some of you are awaiting the results in my drawing for the paper dresses from the Bloglandia Ball. I know this because someone emailed me today ;) So, I just plugged in my numbers to a random number generator and it picked 22 and 31!! That means... da da dum....
Kari/ artsymama & Craftyhala are the winners! Kari already called dibs on the first dress so I will be sending that off to her and will have to see which one is chosen by Crafty. Congrats girls. I hope you enjoy steppin' out in your new gowns.

Now in the spirit of "favorite things" share a few of your favorite things here and on Friday when I announce some MORE exciting news I will draw a name to win a packet of vintage wallpaper with a few of my other favorite things tucked in.


  1. Oh I am so excited! I've needed a new dress for steppin' out and all the dresses are wonderful, however for me the last dress is just divine.
    Thank you so much.

  2. I love the scrapbook layout...the colors are perfect!

  3. A few favorite things:
    --Turning on the radio JUST at the moment that a favorite song is beginning.
    --A new magazine, a hot cuppa, and a cozy afternoon to enjoy them.
    --Acorns, pine cones, bird feathers, lovely leaves, perfect stones.
    --Seeing the stars come out, or seeing the last bit of the moon before the sun comes up.

  4. Favorite Things......
    1. Tab
    2. Books
    3. Music
    4. Family and friends
    5. Driving and singing to a good song on the radio.
    6. Antique shopping with friends and Mom.
    7. Sleeping.
    8. Shoes and purses.

  5. Congrats!!! That is so great to be recognized!

    I need to add you to the bloglandia book....have you seen it??

  6. A few of my favorite things: cardinals at the bird feeders; interesting rocks, shells, seeds and other bits of nature; organic yarn; the song "What's Going On" by 4 Non Blondes; my 8-year old Black Lab, Smokey; playing scrabble with my mom on Sundays; family dinner night.

  7. Glad you are feeling better Heather. Congratulations on the Blog of the week honor! You go girl!

  8. More exciting news?! Yay for you! I love the Halloween banner you did. Very Halloween/Harry Potter like! I hope you are feeling better. When I get a cold it always settles into a respiratory nightmare as well. I'm pullin for ya.

  9. How wonderful that you are the featured blog! Well deserved!! Love the favorite things layout. Some of my favorite things are
    -music-in general, love hearing different types.
    -singing with the music (much to some of my friend's dismay)
    -shiny objects--old jewelry is just the best (Jars of it full to prove it)
    -old dishes and objects- I have quite a few on the shelves in my studio to look at through the day
    -wallpaper. As a good friend tells people "I've seen her peel it off the walls of an old house" I really do love vintage wallpaper.
    -the color blue-it is just very relaxing and peaceful to me.
    -macaroni and cheese--homemade-- the perfect comfort food.

  10. Congrats on the favorite site thing- yay! Your LO is great- I think I might need to do something similar...

    Some of my favorites: fresh hot coffee, fresh laundry off the line, new paper and pens, vintage buttons, my new scrapbook area!

  11. My Favourite things:
    -hugs from my friend Kelly-when she hugs you, you really feel hugged.
    -when my husband makes me tea in the evening and brings it to me-we joke that it's love in a cup.
    -going to horror movies with my son-it's our mother/son bonding time.
    -teaching-I love the feeling I get when my students get inspired.
    -curling up under my duvet with a good book.
    -unexpected goodies in my mail box.
    -being able to really help someone when they need it most.
    -going off to Artfest-feeding my soul and communing with people who "get it".

  12. This is tough. A few of my favorite things are...

    -"new to me" craft magazines and books
    -hot tea with toast
    -ice cream
    -paper, fabric, fiber

    I could go on forever...


  13. A few of my favorite things:
    The smell of Christmas,
    A good mystery thriller
    hugs from my children
    my baskets
    my Christmas ornaments
    old photographs

  14. congrats on being a featured blog! i love ALL of your favorite things. great banner you made for Kim! and congrats to the lucky dress winners!
    my favorite things:
    pink anything
    sparkley anything
    party hats
    and wings :)
    PLEASE get better soon Miss Heather!!
    ps: i am having a giveaway in the somewhat near future, come play!

  15. oh this are one of my favorites things too :-)
    Other fav. Things are: Holidays, fleamarket finds, vintage wallpapers,shoes and jeans and and and....

  16. A BIG contrats on blog of the week! Favorite things: old photos, antiques, quilts, vintage jewelry & buttons, a good book, spending time with friends & family.

  17. my favorite things...(a few)
    pink & aqua sparkles
    anything vintage
    and junking!

  18. you rock banner faerie!!!
    some of my favs...
    6~reading my fav blogs
    8~antique shopping
    9~my furry sweet dogs!
    10~arting w/my friends
    ps...thank~you for the kickin witchy banner....

  19. a few of my favorite things...
    reading blogs
    diet pepsi with ice
    my daughter
    making art

    I also LOVE your blog! Sharyn

    -Crispy Warm-Hued Fallen Leaves
    -Glitter 'n Glue
    -Acorns and oak leafs
    -Hiking & collecting along the way
    -A GREAT book

    Love your blog! Congrats! Enter Me!
    -AMY B

  21. Hi Heather, I am glad I stumbled upon your blog this evening. I love your website, also! Your blogs are quite interesting to read and your website is fun! A short list of my favorite things~ My husband, my two teenage sons, my family and friends, a hot bubble bath. Cindi :)