29 October 2007

a few boos

I was in kind of a funk this weekend. Not feeling up to par but today was a productive day getting caught up on "filing" and recording jobs and CLEANING... especially the kitchen floor which was calling for a good scrubbing on hands and knees. I hate our old floor with virtually no finish, ugh.

Anyway, this little collage is one I made while Joleen was here. It was to use one of the images on her new collage sheet. It was nice to have a break from design work to play with glue and paper and the sewing machine. I miss it and with my calendar so full its been hard to squeeze in much "me" art time.

I have been bitten by the kit bug, with all the Joli Paquet excitement, I keep coming up with new ideas to try to put together in my "copious" spare time. Be sure to check out our blog site so you can catch sneak peeks of the behind the scenes goings on in Paquet-ville.

Finally, since I am all over the place tonight and I need to get my photo order together, here are a couple of pictures of the wee one in her "scary witch" costume from one of the Halloween parties we attended this weekend.

ready to fly


wee witch


  1. She is too cute! I'm so excited to see what you all come up with for the Joli packs!

  2. karin (creativechaos)10/30/07, 12:13 PM

    Such a cute costume!!!She looks adorable! Love the collage!

  3. Your little one is soo cute & what a darling witch she makes!
    Can't wait to see the kits...

  4. OMG...she is absolutely adorable. The cutest witch I've ever seen. Your collage is lovely as well. I like the vertical stripes on the side. Nice balance.
    I think the kits you girls are doing is a great idea. I know they will sell like hotcakes! Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. what a cutie - i love those tights !!
    Happy Halloween sweetie!

  6. What a beautiful little witch!!!