30 October 2007


Even though you can see Hollister is quite a ways from the epicenter of the earthquake we just had, it was quite a shaker even down here. Preliminary reports are that it registered 5.6 on the richter scale. We are ok, just a little extra burst of adrenaline to the system and some pictures askew on the walls. Hanging on for an aftershock or two as they often follow a quake of this scale.

In other news.. not much going on. I am working through my To Do list and don't have much to share :(


  1. Oh dear...I must have had my head in the sand all day 'cause I didn't even hear that there was an earth quake. Glad you all are ok.

  2. Oh Heather...
    I just saw it on the news!
    Very scary, I hate earthquakes...

  3. Hope you're all ok over there, how scary!

  4. OH!! no thank you!! I know we had this discussion before when you visited Tenn. But for some sick odd reason I'd chose a Tornado over an Earthquake!! I know...I'm weird!! Glad you're ok!

  5. Hi Heather! We felt it in Sonoma County too! This was my second earthquake!


  6. Oh my gosh, how scary :( I am so glad that you are ok. xoxoxox

  7. Oh my gosh Heather, I was at my studio in Morgan Hill making collage ornaments for class samples when all of the sudden everything started rockin and rollin! I have a bunch of stuff up on the shelf that runs along the ceiling of my studio and lots of things were shaking and falling, yikes! I jumped up and ran under the doorway. Scared the heck out of me to say the least! I heard this was the strongest earthquake since the quake in 1989!

  8. What a crazy way to bring in Halloween~
    We have had an earthquake here in Georgia a time or two, but they are usually so mild that most people haven't a clue until some "expert" tells us.
    California is having a rough time lately. Hope things get better!
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog;

  9. Heather - I've been lurking on your blog and admired you from afar. I was totally stunned to see you live so close! I'm just over in Prunedale. How great to have such an amazing talent so close by! :)

    Howdy neighbor!