23 September 2007

fighting the muse

My muse has been less than cooperative since after Art*Play. I find this to be the case after I attend a class or a retreat like ArtFest. I have been kind of stuck in a rut both "on paper" and on my computer for the last couple of weeks. I know part of this is because I feel kind of overwhelmed in my mind. My mom has been sick and not bouncing back and now they are doing all kinds of tests and scans. her first CT scan wasn't good but they sent her back for another so we are playing the "hurry up and wait" game. I hate being worried.

Anyway, I am trying to push past that stuff and force my muse to get back to work. I NEED her! I finished up this banner for new blogger Suzanne
and I trying to get back to Photoshop and design. I have been having a bit of difficulty getting going on a small handful of clients on my list.. missing pieces, unanswered questions and such so I am just buzzing right through it. LOL

birdie dangle

So, today I felt the day just wasting away as we lazed around and did nothing productive. I guess you are entitled to that once in a while but I forced myself into the studio (aka the pit of despair) to fiddle around. I dug through my paper scrap box and challenged myself to make something and COMPLETE IT, from ONLY stuff sitting on my desk. The one concession I allowed myself was to dig out eyelets but that's pretty good. I made these 3 little ornament thingies.

make a wish

Bird dangle
It was a good challenge and fun. I am not sure what I will do with them yet but I like looking at them for now.


  1. I love your DO IT WITH WHAT YOU GOT IN FRONT OF YOU NOW... Ornaments!

    Your mom is in my good thoughts.
    Hoping that she rebounds quickly!


  2. Beautiful work Heather! It was good that you forced yourself to work in the studio - especially since you had such a lovely result. And I find creating art is the best diversion when I have something heavy on my mind. Thinking of your mom and sending good wishes her way!

  3. I love the use-whatever-is-sitting-on-the-desk-from-the-last-project projects! Your ornies are so doggone fun!

  4. Your desk must look like mine, great odds and ends everywhere. I try to do that same challenge sometimes, clean off the desk by using what is on it to make something. Yours turned out lovely!

  5. thinking about you...and saying a prayer for your mom (and you)...

    i love the idea of getting in touch with the muse by a prompt like the one you did here, only using things in front of you. a fantastic idea!

  6. Oh my goodness- your ornaments are so sweet!! Nice job. Sorry about your mom- hang in there!

  7. Heather...Your ornaments are wonderful! I can't imagine being able to just whip these up...
    Your mom is in my thoughts & prayers...

  8. Hi just found your blog. Love it.
    Denise hopetreestudio.blogspot.com