20 June 2007

full speed ahead

June is just the most insane month I can ever remember and I have had many, many insane times in my life. Portals is printing and I hope to be mailing next week. I have been working like a mad woman on the swaps and RR's that I owe, while planning a birthday party for my Mom who is turning 60! Gasp! Now tell me, does THIS look like a woman who is turning 60??
My Mom

I think not.. and not only does she LOOK young but she has the energy of a woman half her age. She thinks "I'm BORED" is a really bad word because she has so many ideas and complains she will never have enough time to do all the things she wants to do in her life. She is a great Mom, super fun and artistic and she is an amazing grandma. Hannah is named after her ;) Tomorrow is her actual birthday.. Happy Birthday Mom!!

Anyway, in addition to all this craziness we have company coming tomorrow to stay for a week. Greg's best friend and his girl are driving out from Minnesota. The gang (not me) will take off camping for a couple of nights while I get the party ready but I still need to get them packed and ready to go...

Here are a few sneak peeks of my "Bits n Pieces" swap piece for Jeanne. I am all done except I need to find a ribbon or something so she can hang it.

J egg
If you want to see more you can click on over to my Flickr. I have not posted the finished piece yet because I want Jeanne to be surprised. Aim to get this in the mail by Friday! I will have shots of my crown for the tiara swap soon. Risa and I are both running late so we agreed to mail sometime next week. I finally got started and its so fun I can't stop adding bits!!

Finally, I want to share a luscious bit of eye candy. My new friend Martha, that I met at ArtFest, sent me this AMAZING cuff bracelet! I LOVE it so much.. you can read more about her process on her blog >here<. My fab cuff

THANK YOU!! dear Martha I am still swooning over it!!


  1. LOVE your little peeks of bits ~n~ pieces collage...is a hanging ribbon mandatory??? if so, i need to get my buns to the store...your mother is lovely and in no way does she look 60!!! Happy Day Heather!!!

  2. Love the work. Your mom is a very beautiful woman and NO she doesn't look 60!

    I love reading your blog!



  3. Happy Birthday Heather's Mom! She doesn't look any older than me!WOW! And she sounds like she has way more energy than I do!
    I'm so glad that you like your bracelet! It looks so nice on your wrist.

  4. Love the egg in the bits and pieces collage. Stunning. Such inspiration on your blog! :)

  5. Love the sneak peek of you bits and peices swap! Looks wondeful!! And your Mom does look fabulous-especially for 60!!

  6. Hi Heather! Your Mom is just gorgeous and looks so young and fun!

    I love your sneak peak of your bits n pieces collage. I really need to get moving on mine!

    I am off to order one your Portal Zine's!

    Heather :)

  7. ursday, June 21, 2007
    need y'alls help darlings

    I have 4 artist who wont to start a thing on ebay with outr own name so that folks can type it in and will look just for our work?any ideas.susgestions?they were wonting a mixture of art,not just altered or folk art,quilters ect ect.anyone wont to do this?xxoo

  8. Love that cuff! what a lucky girl! Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks, Karen

  9. Happy Birthday Mom!!! She doesn't look anywhere near 60!!!
    Love your bits & pieces pics, those eggs are fabulous!

  10. Love the sneek peaks of your bits n pieces collage - little bits of eye candy!

    That is such an amazing birdy cuff - Enjoy!

    And Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  11. 60?? No way.
    She needs to share her secrets

  12. I just discoved your blog and site from Heather at present past, I just love it! And I love the watermark you helped Heather with!


  13. Found mt way here from the other Heather, loving that cuff!!!

  14. Wow, great genes you have there! Lucky girl! ANd I'm in *LOVE* with the cuff!

  15. love you collage! I had a blst doing mine.
    love this braclet! etsy???
    jessi nagy

  16. Happy, happy birthday to mom!! Love the cuff!

    : )

  17. Your mom does not look 60! You artwork is just lovely. The bits and pieces swap, (I'm so disapointed I missed this), anyway can't wait to see it all!

  18. What a beautiful blog. May i ask you where can I find or order the china doll head like you have posted here?

  19. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom!!! She makes 60 rock!!! xo-Mel