14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Congratulations to my new bloggy friend Karin of Creative Chaos. She is the winner of the goodies from my last post. I am thrilled that these goodies will go to a fellow artisty type person and I hope she loves them. Go check out Karin's blog and see the awesome paper crowns she has been making!! FUN!

Not much else to report from here. We finally got some sun today which was a nice break and a bit of that vitamin D that I have been craving.

I have been working on ATCs like a mad woman. I need to make 3o for the ArtFest ATC fatbook project and like the lunatic that I am I decided to make originals. I am no good at assembly line work so they are all different except the centerpiece is a photo of a doll head that I love so much. I have ended up making more than 30 pieces which is ok since I can use them as trades. They are various stages of completion but I need to buckle down and get 3o DONE and mailed off.

My next big project is the ArtFest issue of Portals entitled Eye Candy. We are still looking for art to feature so sent yours in for consideration. It is going to over 500 ArtFest attendees!!


  1. That's such an interesting exercise, to take the same focal image and then embellish it 30 different ways... wow! I'd love to see all 30 when you're done.

  2. love the doll! i am so happy to be on the receiving end of one of your atcs for this fatbook project!!

  3. Thanks Julie, I will post more as I go!

  4. Karin (creativechaos)2/15/07, 10:15 AM

    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I won!!!! Oh my gosh...I'm soooo excited. That's so funny...I just emailed you this morning but hadn't had a chance to check any of my usual blogs yet today!!!! Thank you!!!!! I just posted over on my blog that it was going to be a good day. And so far it's proven to be true!!!!!

  5. Wow! That's a LOT of ATCs!! They all look so very nice!
    Congrats to Karen on the win!

  6. Heather!! These ATCS are brilliant!!!!!!! Great work!

  7. Those cards are beautiful! I like your blog!

  8. What a lot of ATC's! And every one beautiful!! It would be fun to see a montage of all 30 together when they're finished.
    Congrats to Karen - it is a good day!

  9. WOW you are like an artist on fire girl, look at all that splendor and you're doing SO many!I am in awe!! Some day, one day, I AM going to attend ARTFEST!
    and yes you and I must do a swap together for sure! So glad you'll be doing the ONE World-ONE HeART giveaway too. (I actually looked up the dates for ARTFEST to be sure it didn't coincide as I knew some would be attending)heehee

  10. Love these ATC's. I hope to see all my blogger friends at ArtFest, wonder if we should wear little signs with our blog names ha ha!

    I didn't know about Portal's, maybe I'll submit something....

  11. OMG...30 different ATC's....you are a wild woman !!!! And they're great !!!!

    The head picture, I love, as it reminds me of a doll that sat in an antique rocking chair at my Grandmas house...ohhh, the memories !!!