25 January 2007


Look what I got back today!! I am soo happy. My first order of business will be putting it on a neck strap so I don't drop it again. Ugh!

I have been working on my art every day. Its kind of an unwritten goal. Some days I don't get as much done as I would like but I figure a little is better than none.

I haven't posted any of my "goals" for 2007 yet. I never make resolutions because I don't think its very cool to set yourself up to fail. Instead, at the beginning of each year I think about what I would like to work on and I try to set some goals for myself. So far this has worked pretty well for me. I have gotten published, I have opened an Etsy shop and started Portals which is fairly successful. This year I combined this goal setting WITH one of my goals by starting an ART journal. I wrote my goals* down on one of the pages and have worked it in periodically but still feel pretty intimidated by the whole process. I need to get over it!!

2007 Goals
(click to see it full size)
I feel that overall in the last few months I have grown immensely as an artist and in myself for feeling like and artist and being comfortable calling myself an artist. This has been a huge step and a long time in coming. I wavered a little this week. I think I took some comments about my work a little too much to heart instead of just believing in myself. Its a slippery slope and one I hope to climb proudly.

In closing, I feel there are a few people I should REALLY thank for their CONTINUOUS and UNWAVERING support and encouragement in my growth as an artist.
-Hope, for being the mentor that I have been looking for. Thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive and honest friend. Our friendship has been short but feels like it has always been there. I cannot wait to "meet" you in person at Artfest! Is it time yet??
-Sharon, thank you for being my wonderful friend, beading buddy and TV date. You are consistently a positive force in my life and I cherish you like the sister I never had. Look out Seattle, here we come!
-Laura, a new friend who is so thoughtful and sweet. I have you to thank for kicking my ass to get my website (such as it is) up and to continue my work in digital art. I am so glad we found each other.
-Joleen, thanks for being such a fun friend and partner in Portals. I know we can make this something BIG together.
-Kim, I know we have lost touch with each other more since having the littles but our chat tonight has gotten my wheels turning in a new direction. Thank you for routing me on silently and giving me a new perspective.

* so far I have worked in my art journal (1), made several pieces for Etsy (2), read 3 books! (4), made one card design and sent to be printed (7), thrown lost of stuff away and started assembling ephemera/ embellishment packs to sell (8)!! Yay me!

** PS.. still time to get in on the book raffle. Deadline is tomorrow night. Scroll down... :)


  1. Hi Heather!!! I am so honored to be mentioned in your blog today!! I am thankful that we have met and become friends too!! It is so exciting to connect with like minds! I am thrilled that you think I helped you with the banner biz!! It is so exciting! I love your creations and hope to see many many more this year! don't forget I still want to put that button on my blog!!! Glad you have been arting it up! I hope to do some stamping tomorrow! and work on that FFA project!

  2. I've always thought you were an artist since discovering your blog, I am surprised you've questioned that.Continued success in all your goals this year, you are definitely on to a great start. I so wish I was going to ArtFest too.

  3. You have been an artist as long as I've known you! I'm glad we've starting chatting again. I think's it's okay to write down your goal. You're not setting yourself up to fail. Here's a quote I've come to appreciate: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

  4. I see you! :) soooooo glad you got your camera back! I think the entry in your journal is just gorgeous!!
    Ack---Portals! I received the one you sent me a month ago and I forgot to thank you! I loved the address label on the envelope added by Hannah. LOL cute!

  5. This post was a great one...really from the heart. And I've decided that if I don't call myself an artist (even though it's hard to say) nobody else will either. So good for you and YES you are an artist and that's how I've always assumed you to be.
    And an artist works in a studio...once again, sometimes hard to say, but it is a studio...
    So there you go...keep saying, "I'm an artist and I create in my studio"...there, now doesn't that just make you feel great ????