26 January 2007

And the winner is...

Congrats to Lisa- Oceandreamer for she was lucky number 9 from the random number generator and wins the fun ATC book! Lisa, if you will email me with your address I will mail it off right away!!

It was a hectic day but I tackled my studio and I can actually see the floor. I finished up some things for my Etsy shop but didn't get around to taking any pictures yet because by the time I finally FOUND my charger in said studio is was dark. Its now rainy out and I have been bumming around the computer even though I have a pile ( literal and figurative) of work things to do.

I am in need of a picture for a chubby book page that is soon due. It is for a collaborative page I am doing with Sharon for the Cinquain/ Haiku book. Sharon wrote a lovely haiku about tea and I am in charge of the art. If anyone has any cool vintagey images of tea cups, pots or people having tea that they would not mind sharing, please let me know! I will make an extra page to send to you in thanks! I would ask Sharon to try out another haiku or two, on subjects such as fashionable ladies or birds or cute kids because I have lots of that kind of image stock but her Mum had heart surgery today and I think her thoughts are on other things.

Anyhoo, its late and I am rambling. We are still very much in need of art for both upcoming Portals and Eye Candy issues. Joleen has a nasty UTI and is down for the count and I am trying to handle things as best I can while she gets better. Bottom line is.. PLEASE send art and tell a friend too!!


  1. woohoo! I never win things, this is so fun!! I will email you my snail mail addy.

  2. Just sent you an image! :)

  3. Heather.....love this image!!! I would like to put a link to your blog on mine! Would that be all right? Just let me know:)

  4. i can't wait to see your craft room floor. i think if you get that room organized, you deserve a huge medal or reward...my treat :)