03 January 2007

a visit from the blog fairy

My alter ego has been at it again. I have gotten some of m,y files moved over, installed fonts and PS brushes and made the new blog banner that Laura wanted for winter. I snuck it into her blog so she will have a big surprise when she checks in tomorrow. Surprise! Heehee

As you can see, I also gave myself a new look with this pink and yellow banner. I loved my "holiday" banner but I figured that due to the text I was due for a change. Additionally, I often feel like I am in a funk after the holidays and I thought this cheery color combo would help stave off the winter doldrums.

I should be launching my temporary website soon so I will have information on my custom digital and blog work there.

Speaking of blogs, I wanted to share a new one for me. I stumbled across this blog yesterday and it turned out to belong to Michelle Ensminger who contributed a lovely creative piece to the current issue of Portals. Anyway, not only is Michelle a gifted writer but she is a mom to a three year old as well and I can TOTALLY relate to what she has to say about that. This post really just hit me between the eyes. Check her out and if you need her link again you can check my sidebar because I am adding her now!


  1. Heather.....loving the new banners...you are so talented and as soon as I have an idea for a new one, I'll be giving you a little poke...(although, I'm not sick of my other one yet at all, so it might be spring or even summer before I come up with a new one)
    Michelle's blog is one that I have been reading for a very long time...if only I had known, I would have hooked you up with her months ago. Anyhow, she is an out-of-this-world writer and poet. She writes from the heart and it's like reading a book...once you start with her, she's hard to put down and she has daily entries, so I just keep reading and reading !!!

  2. Heather!! What a wonderful surprise the banner fairy left for me this morning!!! I can't wait to start referring people to you!!! You just have a magic touch!! and I love your new banner too!!!! Totally excellent!!! Love your talent!

  3. you are the total blog faerie!!!

  4. Your pink banner is incredibly beautiful. Wow. Wow.

  5. i am in luv with your new banner. it is so perfect!!!!

  6. your banners are perfection, I am so looking forward to you posting info/price re: banners...I changed to a new blog and would love to have you take a whack at creating a banner for it. I love your new look here.

  7. It's good to know you are doing this...I've loved everything you've done for our blog friends.