01 December 2006

its the simple little things...

Some stuff happened today that has my head reeling. I kind of stammered though part of my day with a toddler that was literally bouncing off the walls and finally, she napped...
At that point I tied up some of the unfinished projects on my desk (the 8 square inches of useable space... LOL) and then decided to take some pictures.

These are pictures of the little things.. some of the recent small things, the simple gestures that make me smile and cheer me up when I am feeling overwhelmed or tired or sad...

1. Buttons!
I LOVE buttons... old buttons, new buttons, white buttons, bright buttons, fabric buttons.... you get the picture. Well recently I made a little trade with Marilyn who had a bunch of the fun Foof-a-la buttons and she sent me these three bags!! wheeee..


2. Tiny Dancers...
In addition to my own tiny dancer it was fun to receive these in an envelope. Both Hope and I share an infatuation with these wee girls and I will be sharing some of my recent windfall with her.


3. Gifts from friends...
I am very fortunate to have so many wonderful internet friends and I am happy to do a favor here or there or lend a hand when I can. I recently received this fun little journal from one these friends, Beth, in thanks for a blog banner I created fo rher. Thank You BETH!


Its a bit hard to see but tucked underneath this book and some spools of crepe paper is a note I received with a beautiful plant from Joleen. It was a "Just Because" thing and even though I managed to kill the plant ( sorry Jo) I still keep the note to remind me of how happy that small and unexpected gesture meant.

4. Tiny things..
Ok, I admit it, I love tiny things period. Its probably why I am so crazed over my latest 'big' (Not Portals) project ( to be blogged later, I promise!) I was obsessed with the wee collages for the 100 squares project and now I am busy creating many, many small charms out of old Scrabble tiles. Here is a not so clear shot of my first run...

charmed, I'm sure


  1. How cute!!! Very nice! :)

  2. What a fun, fun, fun entry!!!!!! I love all of these pictures! Can't wait to see what you do with the tiny dancers! Love those buttons! Why are we all obsessed with buttons? I know I am. That journal from Beth is seriously cool!!!! and those Scrabble charms are seriously beautiful! Wow!!!!! Can I do that too???? I would love to try that! Great stuff!

  3. I am loving the charms on scrabble pieces....is there a trick to making those and if so, will you give us a tutorial ????? And to find out that you, too, have a button obsession....ohhhh, there are so many of US with this disorder...hee heee !!!!! What is it about buttons ????

  4. VERY artsy, VERY cool!
    Wow Heather, I am so excited over these TEENY works of art!
    Thank you for posting a picture!
    Really, I cannot wait to see your whole collection of Scrabble tiles.
    Did you know- I grew up in the town where Scrabble was invented?
    I think that the person who actually made the game, would have LOVED what you came up with!
    You are FUN!

    Amber Dawn

  5. heather....


    AND DARN IT.. I STILL have not had a chance to start on my 100 little houses collage.


  6. okay --WOW!! look at those tiny collages! thats pretty cool!
    glad you like the buttons--I have been buying red buttons on ebay lately. brother!