27 November 2006

I'm here...

Yes, I am still alive. I have spent much of the last several days SLEEPING!! 3 cheers for cough syrup with codeine and its sleepy effects. We had a nice, low key Thanksgiving with plenty of yummy food. I hope everyone else had nice Thanksgivings as well.

I am feeling much better over all but my voice is still hoarsey and the cough nags on. I know it will take a while to get over this completely but I am feeling stronger each day and the wheezing is MUCH reduced.

So, while I have been hiding from blog-land I have been working on a bit of this and that. I have been playing blog banner fairy a bit and made new banners for Dotee:

and my dear Laura:

I am going to have to hang up my fairy wings for a while though as I work on issue #4 of Portals. We are already behind schedule due to my illness and Joleen's various stuff. I am hoping we can get the issue to the printer in the next couple of weeks and hit mailing CLOSE to our intended date. As usual we will keep our readers posted though our blogs.

I received some fun stuff in my mailbox lately. I am going to dole them out sparingly so as to have some blog fodder for a few days. I am really excited about this though... I got my returns from the 100 squares swap! So much fun, I can't wait to glue them into a little book. Here is the picture I took of them:

Its so fun to have a little piece of art from each of so many talented artists. Thank You, if you are reading this and participated in this swap.

Tonight I worked on the first step for the 22 charms I am producing for a swap hosted by Amber Dawn. I have changed my plan so many times and now I feel like I am running way behind in light of all the holiday stuff I need to do as well.

So, anyway, that is what I have been up to the last few days. I have lots more to share (including a contest!) so be sure to check back regularly.


  1. Heather!!!!!!! My banner is so over the top gorgeous!! I am in love with it!!! You outdid yourself!!!!!! I am so happy I am dancing a merry little Christmas jig over here! The font is so perfect! The little design on the right is fabulous!!! I love the Christmas lady too! Everything is totally PERFECT! I was having a bad day yesterday and this morning, and you have totally turned that around young miss! Thank you! I hope you feel better today too! You have made me so happy! Thank you!

  2. you are the banner queen!! i love the new banners for laura and dotee..i love dotee's birds!! and thanks for the new blog to look at with the charms, she is good!! take care and hope you feel better..something is on its way to you from me!!
    thank-you! and take care~

  3. What awesome banners!! You are very good at making them!
    I love all the little ART!!! I would want to stick them on my fridge LOL! It would make a great magnet swap!!

  4. Whooo Hoooo, the banners look great Heather! You have ben very busy.

    Sorry to hear you have been so unwell though.

    Dotee xoxo