21 November 2006

FFA revisted

I know several of you have been eagerly awaiting the outcome of my Faux Family Reunion project and the contest I posted, and I have to admit that even with all the great stories about my "ancestor" I was still stuck. So, last week I just decided to sit down and go for it, not worrying about the outcome. I got a little carried away when I actually glued it down to the ONE piece of vintage black photo album paper I had but I think it turned out ok, even if it is a bit different than most of my stuff. I was lost as to a jumping off point so I took a little inspiration from Marilyn with her amazing sploshed on paint and ink.

In addition, I didn't take ONE story but pieced together pieces from a couple so KIM and JENNIFER will both be receiving a copy of the finished piece once I take the final photo and print them out. Jennifer, will you please email me with your address so I can mail you one??

So, without further ado:


"This is great aunt Monique at age 2. She was born in Paris but immigrated to the US as an infant. Her parents opened a small button factory upon moving here. In addition to the factory her grandmother had a small sewing business where she sewed beautiful gowns and suits in a suite within the factory. Monique grew up surrounded by beautiful fabrics, lace and hand crafted buttons. She was fascinated by these free play things and created dolls and other whimsical creations which transported her to imaginary places and relationships which helped to amuse her, as she was an only child. Her artistic flair must certainly have been string as her ancestors have been equally drawn to beautiful fabrics and notions."
In other news, thanks to those of you who have sent pats on the back and inquired about my health. I did go to see my doctor today which is a good thing because I was well on my way to pneumonia. As it stands I have a condition like asthma and an infection in my lungs. I returned home armed with 2 inhalers, a cough medicine with codeine and orders to REST and drink ALOT of water. Yes ma'am!! I am looking forward to some relaxing days at home, hot tea and hopefully some art squeezed in for I have many things "almost done" for Etsy and a long holiday To Do list.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi Heather...

    OH GOSH.. I am really sorry to hear you have been feeling so poorly. I sure hope you are on the mend!

    Love your little faux relative and story.

    Looking forward to seeing the new Portals Zine edition.

    Happy Thanksgiving
    PS.. your swap package is on its way. It should arrive to you by Friday or Saturday. I had a TERRIBLE time deciding what to send.. but HOPEFULLY this will put you in the Christmas Spirit

  2. great story, she is really beautiful!! take care and get some tlc and well deserved rest!

  3. Beth just emailed me to tell me you had your page up! WAH! OH MY! WOW! I am going nuts over here! It is so, so, so wonderful!! Just gorgeous!! and the story is just so lovely! Thank you so much!!!! This project has exceeded my wildest expectations!

    And on the health front, please get well fast! That is scary! Hope you are able to relax, sleep, and have some energy for a little bit of arting!


  4. Heather, it is absolely PERFECT!! I love all the texture and the baby right there in the middle with a button! Great story, too. It goes so well with the images :)

  5. Good news you got to the DR beofre the pneumonia developed any further--
    Have a restful holiday!

  6. compliments ...everything marries so well together
    bon soir
    joan in italy