13 August 2006

time flies

It seems like forever since I last blogged but I gugess its really only been a couple of days. I had a really nice weekend with lots of ART! and a nice visit from my BIL and neice. Sometimes it helps to have two littles around to entertain each other and the additional adult presence helps too.


Anyway, back to the art part of the show. I finished up another journal for the Alphabetica Round Robin. This one belongs to Debra and was kind of different in that the pages mostly focus on the whole alphabet as opposed to one letter each. I was stuck and then did this spread which looks a little bit flat in the pictures.
In addition I did my ATCs for Audrey's "Vintage Kids with Party Hats" swap. I need to get them all off in the mail tomorrow. I worked on some other stuff too but its not ready for prime time yet. Paint drying and all that!

In other news I was pleased to receive a fun package from Raesha, a new blogger, who hosted a thifty little contest on her blog last week. I won!! I can't believe I won two things in one month!! Wow, maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket!! But, I digress... Raesha sent me a little package of vintagey, thrifted finds. The book is a funky 70's craft book which actually does have some cute things in it.
In fact, I thought this picture looked straight off the pages of Alicia's blog. I wish I had that eye! Maybe I need more patience. Anyway, Thanks Raesha! I love the goodies and can't wait to use some of the things in my art.

One last thing before I sign off. I was thrilled to discover a couple of new blogs over the past few days. First, my friend Deb (who I met at AFF) is a new blogger! Her blog is called Snickering Licorice, I am sure it will be as wild and wacky as Deb herself. I was delighted to also learn that Kris has a blog. Kris is the wonderful lady who used to have the Altered Asylum, where I was fortunate to have visited before she unexpectedly had to close at the end of 05.


  1. Heather...the alphabetica page turned out great...i enjoyed seeing how you represented each letter. The little piece with the party hat is the coolest. and the image is sooooo sweet.

  2. H,
    Your alphabetic page is magnificent! Thanks for all of your support.

  3. First things first...the babies w/ thier arms around eachother ... precious !

    The Alphabetica Collage turned out great. My favorite part is the boy with the violin at "V"...you were inspired there Girl !

    I wish I could have done the Party Hat ATC because it is going to be sooo great with you and the other artists involved. I was too darned busy (well still !) to do it but it would have been great and I am drooling over any and all of it that is talked and shared.

    You won AGAIN ??? If I send you $$ will you buy my lottery ticket ?

    WEnt to Snickering Licorice and it was fun ! have to go check out KRIS now...bub bye ! xo- S.

  4. I'm so glad you liked your goodies!!! You are on a roll girl!! Maybe you'll win a car or the lottery this month too!

  5. oops, I almost missed this one! LOVE your alphabet page!