15 August 2006

so lucky

OMG, can you believe it? I WON again!!! I just won thru BLINGO. I won a $10 iTunes gift cards.. woohoo. If you don't know about Blingo, check it out. It REALLY works and is handy and they don't send you a bunch of spam! I am SO going to buy a lotto ticket tomorrow!

I was delighted to get my quiltlet wall hanging from the quiltlet swap I participated in before ArtFiberfest. As the pieces were turned in it was decided to submit all the work to Quilting Arts Magazine for possible publication. I was one of the patient "chosen few" who allowed Shari to send our finished wallhangings to send off to QA for photographing. I just got my wall hanging yesterday and today we learned that the project is slated to be published in the Spring, about the March issue. Yay!!

This next little part is for Sandy, who requested some pix of my little vintage dresses in the "baby's" room... Here you go Sandy and by the way, I am LOVING THIS blog post of yours!!!
This pink one hangs on her armoire door with a little sparkly LOVE plaque.
These two hang over her curtains due to current lack of wall space. In between is one of Alicia's darling cagelets. Click on either of the images to go to my Flickr account and see more and more detail.


Last but not least this eveing, all the Portals Zines should be out now. If you don't receive yours by next week email us and let us know. We have been having a bit of difficulty with our resprective mail carriers (my usual person is on vacation and I MISS HER!!) I was telling someone today that if all of these mishaps weren't so frustrating, they sure would be funny. Its like a Zine soap opera. Anyway, if you are a reader of Portals or are interested in its future, please visit our website and read our latest update about what is going on.


  1. You are on a roll, girl. Get that ticket!!

  2. Gorgeous wall hanging! And congratulations on your publication!! ;-)

  3. ohh the baby dresses !

    They are precious! I love the way you have them hanging !

    and what a great idea on the curtains too...with the flowers !

    I did buy a little pink flowered dress - it is not vintage but it was at the thrift store and it was so cute. I just got it! I took a photo and will send it thru the other mail just cuz ... I stuck flwoers in the pockets. It is pretty cheerful.