03 August 2006

Thrift Thursday

Woohoo, I actually went thifting on Tuesday but I was good and waited to share my finds until today. I have a few more things that I didn't manage to photograph but I will share those later. I already shared the cuuuute wee bear I got. I just love him. His little face makes me feel so happy.
I managed to score a pile of clothes for the wee one. Most of them are a bit large for fall and winter but I was super excited to score a LIKE NEW Hanna Andersson dress for $3!
Since the wee B just moved into her "big girl bed" (unexpectedly) I was short on bedding. I scored 2 complete sets of bedding for her.. cute Pottery Barn doggies and some fun PURPLE embroidered sheets...

Thifted  Thifted
On top of all these sheets I found a great, heavy pink wool blanket that someone had cleverly sewn a flannel binding too. Its nice and soft up near the face and the perfect color for her room. Each set of sheets was $3 and the blankie was $2!!
I don't want to bore everyone with my other thrift scores so you can click any of the images to see my other finds in my Flickr group. I will just share these 2 sets of vintage trims that I really thifted... "FREE" from my Mom...
Vintage Trims Vintage Trim

In other news... HOORAY! We sold out of issue #2 of Portals Zine today. We are in the last phase of mailing this week and hope to have ALL of them in the mail by Saturday!

Joleen and I had a planning meeting today and are working away on issue #3, the BEAD issue. We are looking for submissions of articles and art for the gallery so if you have anything you would like to share, please check out the website: www.portals-zine.com. Please bear with me as I try to figure out my FTP glitch too. I have been trying to FTP in my changes to the internal pages with no luck. Its either something obvious that I am missing or something on my server. I will need to talk to my tech support guy (Dad) in the morning and try to work it out.

Night all...


  1. I love to see thrifting scores! You really had a good thrifting day. Don't you just feel so good after a day of wonderful finds? I know I do.
    I have been a visitor of your blog since I bought your lovely birdie buttons on etsy. (And I bought one of the portal magazines and can't wait to get it!)
    Just want to say that I love your art and thank you for sharing it.

  2. Who could be bored looking thru Treasure ???

    I love the wool blankie - TWO DOLLARS ???