29 August 2006


Ugh, I had a root canal this morning. It was my first ever. I have been fortnate to not have to have too many procedures done on my teeth. Never had braces, the worst has been a crown and repair of a broken front chomper.

I must have a very high tolerance to pain killer. The doctor had to stop three times during the procedure to give me more shots including one in the root! OUCH!! The whole thing lasted about an hour, but toward the end I about had a panic attack and lost it. I HATE having to have pain killers whether local or otherwise. I never react in the textbook scenario and it really causes me to freak out. I was soo glad it was over and could not wait to get out of the office even though the endodontist was very nice and really tried to calm me during the whole procedure.

My step dad was nice and brought me a milk shake for lunch. It took about 4 hours for the novocaine to wear off and I was trying to manage the pain with advil when Greg finally convinced me to fill my prescription for Darvoset. I have never taken it and am a bit leary in attempting one after my horrible experience with Vicodin after my yucky c-section. I am in a fair amount of discomfort so I will probably take one closer to bed time. Until then I will just deal with feeling a bit funky and take the opportunity to veg a bit.


  1. I'm so sorry...I can totally relate to your dental hell as mine keeps going on and on. Hang in there, it will get better. And there is a reason that those drugs were invented...

  2. Poor you - hope the painkillers help.

  3. Ouch is right! I can relate with freezing not working. I have been known to have up to SEVEN doses before it worked. A couple years ago when my son went in to have a broken tooth pulled, it took THREE vials of novocain to get him frozen. THe dentist could not believe it-he said most people only take 1/2 of ONE!! I guess that's genetic!

    HOpe your pain killers worked and you were able to sleep. *HUgs* Dental work is awful and traumatic.

  4. OW, OW, OW!! I'm so sorry you're still feeling so crappy! Having had two root canals and two teeth pulled this last year, I can totally relate to your panicky feelings. The first root canal, he had to stop halfway through and give me more Novacaine, but I am pretty lucky in that I react really well to the stuff and half my face goes numb...for hours!

    Next time, beg him for nitrous oxide. Seriously. You won't care WHAT he's doing to you!