08 August 2006

cute and sweet

Vintage Baby Dress

Isn't this little dress sweet? I rescued it from Savers last week on my thift trip. It was only about $2 and is in perfect condition. I need to try to get a better shot of all the detail, it has such darling little pin tucks and embroidery. It will be hung in the wee ones room along with 2 other vintage dresses I have in there.
I also finished up a few more little notebooks and salvaged some "tags" into some little wall hanging things for my Etsy shop. They aren't listed yet, but should be in the next day or so. I felt like I was running all day and now just want to veg. I managed to get all my orders out and a good start in one of the journals for the Alphabetica round robin.
 baby dress wall hangie

I just got word that I won another little contest! Must be my lucky month! New blogger Raesha, hosted a contest regarding how much she spent on her thifty finds last week and I guessed the closest! She is going to send me a little packet of some of the goodies she scored. yay.


  1. Heather, I just love those hangies. I am loving the vintage dress themes you have been exploring lately!

  2. aaaa !!! Pink Dress Pink Dress Pink Dress.........

    CUTE ! You have been on a rollll.

    Want to see the vintage dresses all hung up in the baby's room (post please???)

  3. those are adorable!! Ooo, i want them both LOL
    And you are so lucky to find that sweet little dress! how exciting, Heather! :)

  4. Oh! I've always liked that idea of doing the vintage clothing in a babies room! All of those sweet little pinks! Your goodies are adorable!

    Did you get your necklace??? Thanks for the kind post...and I hope you like it!