18 July 2006


feathered square

Hmm, Joleen seems to have fallen down on the job of shapes week but I am continuing on.. Today's shape is Square. Last week, I inadvertently got a great, unusual shot of this feathered square while at the beach in Capitola. I love when I stumble across this kind of spur of the moment art using found objects. There is a beach a couple of beaches down from Capitola where someone regularly makes/ made cool stacks of rocks and/or driftwood. I haven't been there in a whole but I am curious to check it out again.

In addition, I also made a Flickr mosaic. (shocker, heh?) I love making the mosaics because I get to look through sooo many cool shots.
squares- Shapes Week

I am almost done printing ALL 100 issues of Portals. Of course I was about 7 sets of pages away from completely finishing the inside ( I have to print covers at home) and the dang printer started putting pink lines across all the pages. UGH so I had to drag all my stuff back home and continue on here. Joleen whoudl be collating and mailing by the weekend with the pages I sent her and you all, who have been soooo wonderful and patient should finally have Portals in your hot little hands SOON.

Obviously, we cannot continue on like this. We thought we had a lead on someone who could print these short runs for us for a reasonable price but the name got lost. (I swear, we are cursed) If anyone has any printing leads for us, PLEASE pass them along... we want to continue doing this but I can not handle going through this printing nightmare again. Our options now, are find a good, reasonable short run printer, go black and white, offer digital or stop.. Ideas?? Good juju, please!!!


  1. The feather squared pic is the coolest Heather...love it.

  2. Great photo. The kids and I love making outdoor art - our favourite is conker spirals in the playground in autumn.

  3. Cute picture. It looks like the wee one had fun. UGH is right...I can't believe how challenging this has been for you guys, but I must say, I can't wait! Thanks for all the hard work. :)

  4. Love all the colors in your Blog and your Flicker mosaics!!!!