19 July 2006

every triangle has three corners, every triangle has three sides...

apparently too much Schoolhouse Rock in this household, but I digress.. here is my entry for TRIANGLE in Joleen's Shape Week...

fortunately thhe triangle assignment coincided with my completion of thos banner for another Laurie who happens to be my swap Partner in a PINK swap hosted by One Crabapple. It was supposed to be mailed off yesterday (eeep) but will be going out to Iowa tomorrow.

And here is my Flickr mosaic...
triangles- Shape Week


  1. Oooooooooh...that is SO pretty!! I am SO glad you got my name in the Pink Swap!!! I love it Heather. No worries on getting the package out late...mine to my swap partner is going out tomorrow, too LOL

  2. LOVE your banner!!! So pretty and feminine! I think the recipient will not mind it being late because it will be worth the wait!