04 June 2006

tags tags tags

I have spent the last few evenings stringing tags onto handles for the "Affair of the Heart" book I am hosting. As I mentioned in an earlier post the only requirement was that each person's art include some heart imagery. Other than that I just asked people to be CREATIVE! I looked briefly at all the tags as they came in but it wasn't until I was actually threading them onto the handles that I was able to really appreciate the creativity, originality and fun that these artists put into their work. Some of the tags are SO AMAZING in the details, tiny books, jump rings, pockets, mini tags and all unique originals are included amongst these tiny treasures.

All told there are about 35 tags in each person's "book". As usual we had a few flakes but more upsetting is the missing package from Kate at StudiosBlackBird which was mailed (priority) over 2 weeks ago and the OPEN, EMPTY envelope I received from Joleen. I am not sure WHAT is going on with the USPS but I am beyond upset over the loss of these precious works of art. Poor Joleen is in the midst of an unplanned move to another city so she has NO time to rework her tags. I managed to get her to send me the digital file and am redoing them with soem help from my hunny. I am sure they won't be as great as the originals but at least she will be represented in this beautiful book.
As if seeing and holding all these wonderful artworks wasn't enough of a reward, I have been blessed with some very thoughtful and beautiful little hostess gifts. Gina sent me a fun ATC, fat book page and these yummy earrings: and Beth sent me this FABU keychain!

I am actually a tad concerned about the durability of this on my keys because I am so rough with them, even though Beth assures me it is tough, so I think I am going to string the charms on a chain and make a necklace. FUN!

Thanks so much to all the artists who have contributed and sent me little keepsakes and gifts. I have so many special ATCs for my collection now and I am looking forward to working with the new fun collage items, embellishments and fibers that you so generously shared.

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  1. I am SO tickled you liked the earrings! YAY! I wish I had done more to my pages, but things got a little crazy! Thanks for putting this together! You are awesome!

    Huge hugs, gina