20 May 2006


Hiya, just taking a little break from working on issue 2 of Portals Zine! Every time I visit our email box I am pleasantly blown away by the great stuff that is just waiting to grace our pages. Fun pictues of all kinds dolls for the gallery, great tutorials and TWO featured artists with their portfolios of eye candy.

This issue is currently available for pre-sale and is already 1/4 sold out. It won't hit the mailboxes until about June 15 so order early!

Sneak peek:

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  1. Pam Crawford6/21/06, 3:57 PM

    Trying to read your website at PORTALS ZINE, but nothing will open or appear. Have tried several times, on referral from Tatterededge. Would like to order latest zine issue - please tell me how to do so. THANKS.