21 May 2006

artsy weekend

I have had a fairly productive weekend artwise. Not only did I finish up my book for the Alphabetica RR I am in but I made several new things for my Etsy shop. I have been trying to raise the money for my airline ticket to WA in June for AFF in addition to actually "SELLING" some of my art. (which I have never done before) This has been a big step for me. Its hard to put your soul out there to be judged but I am trying to not be too attached to the pieces or worry about what people think. I am doing this for me!

Above is a little compilation of some of the things I posted today. A few of the items have already sold but rest assured I will have more to post soon. Many thanks to those of you who have supported Hannah in her early artistic endeavors. She is having so much fun and adding a few dollars to her piggy bank.

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  1. I get some buttons, I get some buttons!!