16 May 2006

little birdies

Congrats to Laura of Maude & Mozart whose lucky number was randomly drawn today for the birdie buttons! For those of you who didn't win, I'm sorry but if you would like a set of buttons, they will be available in my Etsy shop SOON (by the weekend) along with some other goodlies I am frantically trying to finish up.

I am sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. I am scrambling with all these small deatials and trying to send off the last of my swaps and projects so I can focus on my trades for AFF and gather my supplies for my classes. I really need to try NOT to overpack! I also need to book my air!! Eeep. Boy is it coming up quickly.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who left nice little comments on my contest post. Its pretty cool to find out who actually reads my blog and to learn of the things we have in common. Many of the comments made me laugh and feel good. Thank You!! Judy mentioned how birds are popping up in many artists' works lately and I have to agree that I have seen quite a few of them as of late.

I tend to jump from thing to thing in my art. I rarely find one subject and stick to it for long. I think that birds as a theme for me have occured for two reasons. First,Teesha Moore and Art Fiber Fest... this year's theme is nests and eggs. I did the quilt project with nests and eggs and one thing led to another, which was using nests, eggs and BIRDS in my work. The second is that birds are a personal symbol for me lately, reminding to me to spread my wings and hop off that branch so I can fly. I have been doing a lot of emotional "work" this year and lately have made some real breakthroughs. The birds are a reminder that it is ok to keep soaring.

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  1. I won???? Wow! I am so excited!!!!! Thank you!!! Knowing you has really been lucky for me!!!!! I am doing a happy dance!!!!!! Thank you Heather!!! and I just thought of something exciting to send you too! Will work on it tonight! It is birdie related too!!! Yipee! Good times!