17 May 2006

Hannah's Garden

We have lived in our tiny house for coming up on 6 years. The house is in a wonderful old neighborhood and is close to downtown, the library, parks, schools and stores. Its funky, old (over 90 yrs) and ours. The lots is huge as many lots in this part of town are and we (not being gardeners) have been plugging away (SLOWLY) at fixing it up since we have lived here.

We have a small side yard, approximately 12' x 20' and until last week it was just basically a patch of dirt, where we stored the garbage cans. It had a lovely vine and a huge rosemary bush and big plans.. for years. Now that Hannah is at an age where she likes to run around, and climb and splash in water, I decided the time had come to actually move forward with fixing the side yard up. My plans included a small arbor to grow things on, grass for Hannah and some cheerful flowers. In addition I wanted it to have some character to match our house and our love of unique art.

Last week my Mom came by unexpectedly. Hannah was at daycare and I was working on web stuff. I quickly got side-tracked and the next thing I knew, we were turning over dirt, planting flowers, rolling sod and laying bricks. Greg had constructed my arbor the weekend prior so we were able to plant the jasmine vine I had purchased too. 2 short days later we had a lovely little side yard where I can sit with an iced tea and a magazine while Hannah waters or plays. It is a pretty little place now and each day we water the sod and the flowers. We are eagerly awaiting to move of our small sandbox and daily time spent there (after the sod settles)...

before before


After after


  1. Lovely! the arbor with the hanging art is fabulous. It's always hard to get anything done this time of year inside, all you want to do is play in the dirt and and feel the sunshine!

  2. Wow! That is such a wonderful space! How fun to sit outside in the California air and enjoy it!!!

  3. That looks great Heather!!!! I'm sure Hannah will have many fun hours out there!