30 May 2006


Baby Blues
Baby Blues,
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Black, White and Green

These are my goodies for the Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama on Flickr. I had a heck of a time finding black and white stuff in spring so I resorted to making several things. I chose lime green as my accent color. It is my favorite color and I was thrilled to see that my partner liked it too. I may toss in a couple of extra little goodies before mailing it off but it has to go overseas so I need to try to keep the weight down.

I forgot to post about this when I blogged about my fun mail day.
Knit Bracelet
I received this LOVELY bracelet in the mail on Friday from my dear friend Lora. She made it from kit of this pattern on Knitty. The funny thing is that I taught Lora how to knit when I was visiting her and my friend Tam last year. Lora took off knitting like crazy and left me in the dust. I am so thrilled and proud of her. Anyway, not only is this bracelet super cool but VERY comfortable too. It is cotton so it doesn't get too hot and the plus is that it is my FAVORITE color.

I spent most of today trying up loose ends. I made a batch of lip balm this morning in 3 flavors.. yum. I made business cards, finished up some things I had to mail, and basically did bits of alot of things. I am feeling pretty caught up with the exception of PORTALS. Poor Joleen's move couldn't have come at a worse time as far as publishing and we are racing to get the issue done and printed BEFORE we leave to AFF. The Zine DOES promise to be a good one so be sure to order soon if you are interested. We are over 1/3 sold out already.


  1. what word are you going to choose????? I am at work, and I have to have something to live for!!!!! Please let us know ASAP!!! love, laura

  2. Isn't it the coolest thing to get things in the mail! Amongst my OCD of buying things online.. the next best is getting gifties from friends!!! :)

  3. Your daughter is so darling I could cry!