31 May 2006


Girlfriends ATCs

Imagine my surprise when I was cruising around my loop of blogs and stumbled across one of my ATCs on RedLeads's Blog. Even more surprising because I got my returns the other day, scanned them and then promptly forgot to share them! LOL Here they are, I like them very much. They are all originals which makes them extra special. Sometimes you get embellished copies in swaps. There isn't anything wrong with that but since I sent all originals I was happy to get originals back. In additon they sent me a little baggie of goodies so that was extra fun. I guess I will go over and see what the theme for June is.

1 comment:

  1. I was just reading Pam Garrison's blog and saw a comment from you...you are taking a class with her?????? I am so jealous!!!! Will you share with the alpha group what your experience is like and what you learn?????? Please!!!