24 April 2006

woo hoo!

Well will ya look at that?! Today was filled with pleasant suprises. It started out with a conversation with a long lost friend from high school. Christie and I were great friends for years and shared some wild and crazy experiences until we lost touch. Recently she was able to track me down and I called her today. It was so great to catch up and find that we still have so much in common including wee ones just 2 months apart! We plan to try to get together soon and do some more catching up.

Joleen has been a little blog re-design crazy lately. She redesigned a handful of Blogs in the last few days. Today I cought her on a high and she redesigned mine too. I didn't give her any "guidance" at all so it was a complete surprise when I logged on this afternoon. Its soo cool and perfect. I love it! I bet she didn't even know I had a soft spot for marigolds...


At the same time I unveiled my new blog look I got an email with our FINAL Portals order for issue one. We are now officially SOLD OUT! Woohoo! We are so excited and thank you all for your support and kind words. The feedback has been wonderful but we'd like to offer our readers a chance to tell us honestly what they liked and what they'd like to see for the future. If you are are reader of Portals, please visit this short survey and let us know your anonymous opinion. And speaking on future issues, we are already at work on our 2nd issue which is themed around DOLLS. We encourage you to consider submitting ART or an ARTICLE.

OH and I finished my verdigris pages today!


  1. Love the new look!!! I so love how fresh your blog looks and Joleen's always looks fresh too!! I need a makeover!!! BAD! LOL
    How fun to contact an old friend. Kinda fun isn't it!

  2. Can I just say I looooove the new color!! The title is wonderful too! Yummmy....

  3. Oh Hi I also loveeee your work and I listed your blog will put it in my favorites soon ;-) thank you :) I love the color of your blog too :)

  4. isn't that fun to catch up with an old friend. AFter over 12 years of not knowing where the other one was, my best friend from the 3rd grad finally wrote me a couple of weeks ago. What a surprise to find her letter in the mail. That sure brightened my day. Glad to see it brightened your too.