23 April 2006

simple pleasures

Today was a day filled with simple pleasures. Sleeping in, home cooked breakfast, cafe mocha, art time, a walk on the beach... I think thats the way Sundays should be. No daily grind, no life's pressures. It was relaxing but now I have 16 more "verdigris" pages to apply copper tape to.. (brilliant thinking Heather) before punching holes, adding eyelets and charms and packing up for their priority trip to Canada.


After those go into the mail, I will be printing out my mermaid pages. This is my second mermaid book (I'm obsessed) and I took a different appraoch to my page this time by doing it as a 5 x 7" collage and then cropping it down digitally for the book page. I like that it has added dimension because its more 3 dimensional to begin with.

In other simple news.. Joleen just started a fun new group on Flickr called Simply Smitten where we get to post pictures of every day things we are smitten with. I shared this picture of two new treasures.. a cute little ceramic kitty (its Hannah's) and this great vintage tin I scored on eBay for .50!
Simply Smitten Kitten


  1. i think your art looks great- your mermaid pg especially! i know you're not too sure about it but i think it's quite good.

    hope you like your new look. let me know if you want me to make any changes. also, i added the simply smitten button. thanks for linking the group!


  2. Oooh, I love the mermaid page - it looks like I could swim in it!