17 April 2006

new, new, new

So how do you like my new header featuring the wee Hanny B? Spring is teasing us with beautiful days doled out sparingly between days upon days of rain. One of these lovely days we went in search of a field of flowers and this is what we stumbled on.

Today was a good mail day. Not only did I get my kit from Paper Bella but I got my returns from the Chubbyville bohemian tag swap. What a fabulous bunch of art. I can't wait to turn them into a little book.
Click them to see them larger

Finally, I have gotten the guts to post my first attempts at some mini quiltlets for a swap I am participating in in conjunction with ArtFiberFest. The theme is nests/eggs and we are supposed to make 5 6"x6" quiltlets to swap and then attach to each other to make a wall hanging. This is pretty new to me and the size is so wee I find myself struggling a bit but it is fun to add little beads and things.

as usual l'il Ms. Hanny B had to get in on the action,
but I think she is a pretty good photo stylist.


  1. wow! So lovely....all the pretty colors...wow. Wish I could hold them in person! :)

  2. What a neat idea! Joleen and Aimee got me quilting supplies for my birthday. I would love to participate in a mini quiltlet swap. Maybe you should do another! Love the header. I'm ready for the wet weather to be gone!

  3. GREAT Work there girlie!! Glad to see you got some happy stuff in the mail. I love fun mail days!!

  4. Your new banner with little Hannah is simply adorable...she is a cutie. Since nest/eggs is one of my favorite themes I am absolutely loving those little quiltlets. They look awesome.

  5. LOVE your header- so cute! :) Your quilts look awesome. Wish I'd joined!

  6. OKay now I am a quilter and I am tellig you those are wonderful! I love the colours and the images are pretty! Well done!

  7. Love the banner that Hannah is so adorable! And your quiltlets are just beautiful too.

  8. Laurie G. (morningk)4/23/06, 8:16 PM

    Hi, thanks for your comments on my flickr pages (morningk), that's how I found your site. I LOVE your nest swaps--now I'm wishing I'd signed up. See you at AFF! I can't wait!