21 April 2006

in which we lose weight the hard way

I know I have been MIA for a couple of days. Its been a hellacious couple of days!!!
We were thrilled to finally see the sun on Wednesday and set out for our usual story time at the library to be followed by coffee with friends. We decided to get coffee and head to the park for the kids to play since it was so amazingly beautiful out. I had been having a bit of trouble breathing but chalked it up to allergies.. tis the season!

Fast forward a couple of hours where I nearly passed out at lunch due to difficulty breathing and dizziness. Thankfully we were with my Mom who had me call my doctor who said to go to the emergency room. Now living in the town I do, the thought of going to the ER is not a good one. The ER here is notoriously bad, so bad in fact that my SIL's Mom and step dad who used to run the ambulance company here, said that if we ever needed to GO to the ER to drive to another town, but I digress. I was in no shape to argue about where anyone was taking me. I couldn't breathe!

So we went to ER, where FF some more. They let me sit in the hall for 45 minutes before anyone even saw me! I finally sent my Mom and Lilo H home because H was kind of freaking out watching poor Mom gasp for breathe is this strange place. Another hour later I was sitting in a tiny cubicle freezing due to the AC and greg managed to get here. I still had not seen a doctor and was pissed but breathing better. I decided to leave and got dressed. Greg notified the front desk which miraculously got a doctor to see me. Lot of good it did, he said I was "fine" and basically accused me of faking it since my blood oxygen level was 100% but he wanted me to stay for another couple of hours for more test. Needless to say, we left.

Once we got home I told Greg I just wanted to lie down. I went to lie down while he called my doctor to see if we coudl get in to the clinic or to see her the next day. Within 1/2 hour I was so violently ill ( we'll just say 'both ways' here to spare the gorey details) that I was in the bathroom for a couple of hours until I think my body could just not produce another bit of fluid to give up. Fever, chills, etc and so on through the night. Yesterday felt better but not great. I managed to keep down a tiny bit of food but was weak and dizzy. H went to daycare but they sent her home after 3 hours with a fever. FUN! Let's REST and take cae of a 2 year old.. who in all actuality was quite good and rather sympathetic to Mommy's condition.

We'll FF again to today. I managed to eat 2 real meals and keep everything contained but now I have developed some yucky bronchial thing where it sounds like I have been smoking 2 packs a day for 20 years. yuck. Going to try to make it until Monday and then go to doctor if it isn't better. I hope to sleep better tonight ( provided H ever sleeps!) and feel better tomorrow. I can't beleive how tired and sore I am after the last three days. Yes, I am 5 pounds lighter but I sure could have picked an easier way.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow (I hope!)

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  1. Okay Heather - this has got to stop! You've been sick way too much the past few months! I wanted to stop by your blog this morning to tell you that while following some links last night I found a site with the most beautiful & awesome beaded fairy doll you made! You are so multi-talented! Get better soon!