10 March 2006

when it rains, it pours..

Not only is it raining outside, literally, but it has been pouring crap around here.

I just got back from a fun trip down south to visit Joleen for a few days. We worked on some fun artsy projects, shopped, visted the Art Bar and assembled our first mailing of Portals Zine. Hannah was really great and we had a lot of fun.

Upon our return I learned that my step dad had gone on a drinking binge over the weekend. None of us knew he had been drinking at all after stopping over a year ago. I nearly killed himself with this combination of alcohol and his prescription heart medication. Long story short, when he came out of it he finally admitted he had a problem and started AA. Needless to say, this has all been very difficult on our entire family.

To top it all off I learned that my dad's heart procedure did not go as expected, meaning he will have to go back in for another, much riskier procedure toward the end of the month. Unfortunately the doctors feel they are running out of options and there is only so much, surgically, that they can do. My Dad is much too young mentally and physically to be going through this. No, his diet isn't the best but his genes play a large part too. It is so rough to be facing this, especially now that our once rocky relationship is at a good place and we can talk. I guess I am thankful that we were able to rebuild our bridge before his health gets too bad or the worst happens.

Things would be a lot easier if we could get and stay healthy. H has had several rounds of various crud and now I have some bronchial thing. My throat is killing me and I am on day four of this pesky headache. Thank goodness I have an appt with my doctor next week. I hope H can stay healthy enough to go back to daycare next week, I need a break!


  1. Sending you big hugs and prayers for the family!! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

  2. Wow! That is alot on your plate. I am keeping you in my thoughts.

  3. Goodness girl... when it rains it does pour! You have a lot going on in your life besides being an artist, a mom, a wife and everything else... U TAKE care of yourself.. It sounds as if the stress has caught you all with your immune system down and now you're getting sick!! Take it easy! It is nice you and Joleen got to spend some time together.. friends are always a sure cure for life's troubles!
    If you need ANYTHING.. U just let me know... I THINK YOU DEFINATELY NEED AN RAK!!!! :)
    hugs to you and your family!
    We all have family problems.. but the key is to be able to separate ourselves. We can only control what WE do in life.. trust me I know!
    HUGS and prayers to you!