25 February 2006

what a miracle

I came home last night to an email from my step-brother'w wife. They live in TX and have 2 small children. Appears T was in a serious car accident that morning. After a probable tire blow out ( ha can't remember), he did 2 360's across the freeway, flipped the car over the median strip and landed in oncoming traffic. This is the picture of his car:

The miracle in all of this?
T had someone watching out for him. He walked away with minor scrapes and some bruises from the seatbelt and side airbags. The worst of it was a cut on his head (bald). Apparently today he is feeling like someone took a baseball bat to him but he is thankful to be alive.
We are too!


  1. Oh Heather! I'm so glad to hear your step brother is alright - that car looks so horrible I am amazed he walked away from that. Definitely God was looking out for him.

  2. How scarey. Glad he's alright!