24 February 2006


I took this picture about 15 minutes ago. Earlier this week we had colder temperatures and it froze at night but today its a balmy 70 ish degrees. Poor H has been sick all week so we took the opportunity for her to play in the sun today.

In other news. I just received the coils for our first issue of PORTALS ZINE which will begin mailing March 15. They are fun! That's all I'm gonna say.. you're gonna have to wait til you get one. If you haven't preordered, you can do so here!


  1. *Tingles with anticipation!*

  2. Hannah's so beautiful!! Give her a big ole hug from Auntie Lora

  3. What a great picture! She's loosing her babyishness and starting to look like a real little girl. Stop and take a look Mom!
    Cheers, D

  4. What a cutie!

    EEEE.. we're almost done!! :)