17 February 2006

so much sadness

The sadness just continues. This week I learned that a mixed media acquaintance lost her sister after a lengthy battle with cancer. While we all knew how ill she was, it came as a surprise to learn of her death. My sympathies go out to Celine and her family.

Also, I found out that my dear friend Sharon's Dad succumbed to his cancer on Tuesday morning. She and I usually have a standing chat date each week. She has been busy helping her Mom and Dad at this difficult time and I miss her so much. I am looking forward to when she will be comfortably settled at home with her kitty and I will be able to send her hugs and listen to her. I miss you Sharon!!

I have been going through alot emotionally. I feel quite exposed a raw. Of course all this news doesn't help but I wonder if I wouldn't feel the same anyway. This week I have been mourning the loss of not only lives but friendships. Its hard to hear/ read that relationships you once had are seemingly expendable. I guess this shouldn't come as such news in some of these instances. Maybe I am experiencing a reality check and seeing that it is time to move on.

To flip to a brighter note for a moment. Shoshanah and I have been doing some serious brainstorming for some revamps for HannahGrey. We are going to have to move our warehouse here soon so we are having SALES so we don't have to pack and move so much.
Also, the brightest spot in my online life right now is that Joleen and I are getting very close to putting the premiere issue of Portals to bed. I hope to begin printing on Monday. I need to have all the printing completed by the 1st so that Joleen and I can assemble it when I head to LA on the 2nd. In case this is your first time hearing about it.. we have the glitches worked out on the website now: www.portals-zine.com
Check it out!


  1. I think our community just needs to have a giant group hug.

    I am thinking of you, my friend.


  2. Hey Heather, big hugs to you ... it's all part of life - just think of the beautiful new baby in Joleen's life and you see as some of us leave this earth others come into it!
    Much love to all our friends connected on this internet of support and friendship!
    :+) kristina

  3. It's hard to accept the seasons of change sometimes. Wisdom comes when you can let something go to allow something even better to come into your life. It's funny how much we battle the natural ebb and flow of life. What strange creatures we humans are!

  4. The Portals web site looks great Heather. You and Joleen look to be working good and hard!! KUDOS!!

    I am sorry to hear of the gloom that you are having around you. Know that I'm here anytime you wanna talk!! Gotta love Free Mobile to Mobile *wink*

    Take care of YOU!!!