23 February 2006

bright spots...

Its been a crappy few weeks, and this week has had it trials as well. Late Sunday night ( er, early morning) the pea started calling for me and wanted to get in our bed. About 1/2 hour later, to quote, "It was a TOTAL barf-o-rama!" All of us proceeded to stay up pretty much from then on cleaning up barf and doing laundry. We were exhausted and still don't feel caught up. Poor H is still sick, very oozy and moist, cranky, won't eat, tired of being cooped up. I feel so bad for her, I long to take her to the park or the beach to enjoy the sun.

Monday Greg was gone a good part of the day and I felt tired, grouchy and irritated. Tuesday I had to keep H home ( my usual work day). The mail lady was kind to me though. I received some ATCs for a project I am coordinating and this fun package from Justine at 62Cherry as her part of the Gifty swap. I LOVE the little pouch which she made and look forward to trying the soap.
I was pretty jazzed about receiving a bunch of COOL goodies from Justine. The magazine looks great! The chocloates aren't pictured, the postcard is neat.

Shortly after the mail lady came UPS stopped. This isn't usually cause for a whole LOT of excitement because we get packages here regularly for Greg's biz, and my biz and from Old Navy and stuff but this one was a COMPLETE surprise!

Oh man, I was stunned.

The card reads," "Plant the garden of your life with frienship's lovely flowers" Thanks for being such a great friend. xo Joleen"

It was so sweet and Joleen made me feel so good. Its amazing how one small gesture from a friend can change your whole out look. Thank you friend! I can't wait to see you next week!


  1. WOW!! How sweet of Joleen!! I'm glad she cheered you up!! And all that fun mail!!!

  2. Oooh, I love your gifty! Great stuff! Bring the magazine when you come. ;)

    I'm so glad you liked your flowers. They look so pretty. :)