30 January 2006

In which I rejoice...

Woohoo! The metal pages are in the mail! They went out priority to Leighanna via Priority mail today. What a relief! I finally got some good pictures of them too, thanks to my buddy Carol (aka Mamarox) for her brief but effective camera lesson via email. Thanks Carol!! I will post a couple of the GOOD shots here. Joleen is encouraging me to do some more and submit them for publication. I have been thinking it over and have soem ideas so I may just persue that. Thanks for your faith Joleen! Sometimes I am not so good at pushing myself.
metal012 metal009
If you want to see more, you can click on one and see them all in my Flickr albums.

Lessee, there seems like all of a sudden lots has been going on. I promised Rose Mary that I would share some of Hanny's dancing pictures. I didn't forget! Here they are...
IMG_2371 twirl1_23

OH! I got this fabulous box of books today from Joleen! Yesssss! I have been reading like crazy and was whining that I didn't have something to read. I asked for some suggestions and she said she woudl send me some. LOOK!

Well, I think that is about it for tonight. I am going to go brainstorm for the next round of


  1. Hannah looks SO precious in her tutu!! Oh what fun!!!

  2. The photos do look better. I always resist reading manuals, but when in doubt... Just wish we could do the lessons in person!

  3. Very pretty artwork and cute kiddies!