29 December 2005

In which nothing much is going on...

Its that post holiday let down and I don't have much to share. Its hard getting back into our normal routine. I figure I can wait until after the new year to try to get back into the swing of things. Right now I am trying hard to meet my goal of getting all UFO's out of the house before the end of the year. I spent this afternoon trying to bind up the skinny chubby people books that have been sitting here waiting for little things before they go off to their new homes.

After that I have to send out the RR dolls I have been working on in my bead group. I have one, "Fred", who has fallen in live with me and likes to live in my studio, he doesn't want to leave. He just sits on my table and watches me but I am sure my friend Sharon, his Mum, will want him home one day. In addition I just got another one! Ack. I am not ready, and I suspect I have another one buried in the piles in my studio as well. The last thing I have to send out is one of the traveling bead boxes, also from my bead group. I am waiting on some wee boxes from Shosh, to pack up my beads in before I send it off. I'm not tooo terribly late with it so I don't feel quite so guilty on that account.
I know I am not going to be able to finish all of these projects before the end of the year but I feel like I am at least moving forward. I just hope I can maintain the momentum and get them all off my table to allow me to focus on some new work in the new year.
Until then, have a safe and sane and very HAPPY new year!


  1. I need to get some UFO's done too, but I just can't get moving after the holidays... I think I'll just go to the Knit Nook and buy something for a new project instead! :)

  2. I warned you to look out for that big heart of Fred's!! I suspect that your giving him such kewl dreads was his undoing...at least I've heard they're very kewl! Ahh that Fred...what a silly boy... But, I do know what you mean.I had Miss Ezme all done, ready to pack up and then she decides she wants a shoe! Sheesh...some dollies!!